Kolkata- Yo Rockstar :)

My city rocks!

A young couple were travelling in a scooty at the busy Rashbehari crossing, n due to the wetness of the slippery road, they somehow lost control n hit the divider, resulting in them falling facefirst on to the busy road, with the man bleeding profusely, a bone peeping out from his left leg, and the lady sustaining deep cuts in her hands..

This is where my city steps in!

People rushing, towards them, a lady tying her dupatta onto the man’s deep cut, a man parking the scooter onto a corner of the street, and people rushing them to the nearby hospital/ nursing home in a cab.

It made me think. Think deep. Made me feel good about the fact that HUMANITY DOES EXIST 🙂

We might not be the ‘kewlest metro’ in India, but we still get enough time for humanity 🙂


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