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“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind…”

I dont know who said the above words, but it is obvious that he knew what he was saying.

Love is a feeling coming from the depth of your heart, which tugs at your heart strings and leaves you feeling an amazing high, giving you the strength to face anything. Love can be between anybody.. A sibling love, a parent-child love, the love of a new born for his/her mother, reflecting in its eyes. But unfortunately, thanks to our narrow perspective-what we consider to be “LOVE” is, only the one between two lovers.

So we get to see a lot of lovers celebrating their so called “love” on Public Parks oblivious to the people around them


I agree you dont need to “fear” when in love, but these days, I hardly get to see people in “love’, the park-benches and the “jhaadi k peeche” have become the new zones where these pseudo-lovers shout out “KHULLAM KHULLA PYAR KARENGE HUM DO NO”- No harm with that, but unfortunately most of these parks are in reality “Children’s Parks”

My point of writing this is not because I want to play a  pathetic “moral police”- morality cant be taught,its imbibed right from birth.. My point is that none of these “lovers” dont have the depth you need to love. Shallow lovers there are many, people who like you not for what you are, but for who you are. If this is the state of affairs now, then imagine how many heartbreaks are in store in future!! (so many more registration for YES PLUS COURSES 😛 ) Its better to love few, with that seriousness and passion, rather than flitting around here and there and complaining that you always end up with a broken heart!


WHAT is LOVE, if THIS is NOT ???